How to Make Your Website More Impressive – 8 Professional Web Design Tricks

How to Make Your Website More Impressive – 8 Professional Web Design Tricks Designing a website and making it click with customers are two different things. No business today is without a decent website. The online space is immensely competitive. The key is to stand out amongst the competitors. But with marketing teams busy with crafting sales strategies, the task to design an awesome website falls on the shoulders of web designers.

Mind you, this is a huge responsibility and if not handled well, can backfire on your branding efforts. Designing a website without the help of a professional website designer is akin to shooting in the dark. This is pro area right here we are talking about. So, if your sales are plummeting, you better plug the leak in the web designing region. Here are some tips and tricks from professionals that will definitely put on the right track.

  • Web animation :

    Animation plays a vital role in designing cutting-edge websites. It’s not all about images and content. Animation can a lot of time for users and convey vital information quickly that would otherwise have taken hours. At the same time, it is engaging and impressive to watch. Brands should focus on storytelling through animations. GIF’s are a good way of representing small information in an impressive manner. Having a dynamic animation on your website puts life into an otherwise dull website. Animations can transform the look and feel of the site significantly.

  • More adventurous colors:

    The right color palette can bring out the best of your brand. The striking color treatment, if consistent over various platforms, can create many different responses. Shadows, icons colors and gradient colors are all being used to create exceptional experiences. Yet coloring is something that is to be done carefully. There is a difference between gaudy and elegance. Caution is advised.

  • Custom Illustrations and Videos:

    Want to truly help your users navigate through your website easily? Use a custom illustration or video that helps convey all the right information briefly. This will not only save their time but also increase interest in your brand. Short videos about your brand, illustration on how to purchase your product quickly, can arouse the interest of your customers. People are more likely to purchase your product once they have watched a demo. This can go long way in boosting the flailing conversion ratio.

  • Responsive logos:

    Responsive is an old word now in web design. But now it is trickling over to the logos. All thanks to Google. Responsive logos are all about showing the depth of your designing abilities. It creates an impression that you have it all sorted out to the minutest detail. Nevertheless, it helps attract an audience irrespective the browsing device.

  • Minimal Studio Shots:

    If you want to focus on something, minimal images will do the trick. You can easily focus on particular detail e.g. product or latest offer. Think of them as a stage spotlight. They are ideal tool to draw the user’s attention to a specific item. We promise your CTA will improve with this simple trick.

  • More Negative Spaces:

    This may sound awkward but blank spaces or negative spaces can work wonders. Blank space forces a user to find something next! And when they do, it can be your product in the spotlight with an amazing CTA. This urge to scroll onto something useful can help you increase your sales. Split page design is another great way to use space more efficiently.

  • Micro Interactions:

    They are not at all like animations. These dynamic user-centric interactions are an amazing tool to attract customer’s attention. They work well with an offer or sale. The idea is to divert the user’s attention to a focal point.

  • Particle Backgrounds:

    As per SEO guidelines, your website should load quicker or else users will leave. But how quick exactly? Something in the range of 5-7 seconds will be great. But will all those videos and animations, it becomes difficult. Particle backgrounds are ideal to solve this tricky problem. They load quicker and deliver animation-like effects. They are eye-catching yet provide little distraction from the information. So, you can forget about video backgrounds that slow down your website.

It’s easy to get lost in the sea of trends. But with little effort you can turn-around your brand’s fortunes. A simple meeting with your web designers where you discuss these tips will do the trick. At Weblift, we ensure that our clients are always treated to the latest in web design technologies irrespective of their industry. Our professional web designers help lay the foundation of your brand’s online success.

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