About Us

Our company, WebLift, is a leading Ottawa firm that successfully runs several campaigns online for various business owners from different parts of the world. We aim to provide the best online business management services to our clients by making use of advanced techniques and tools. Sign-up for our services and see your sales chart skyrocket like never before.

Our Vision

Our experts have a belief that if you are running your business without a successful online campaign, then it’s just like running it 10 years ago. Internet has totally transformed the world of marketing and our team understands that. Hence, our vision, is parallel to the fact that without a powerful online campaign in today’s world, one’s business can newer reach its true potential.

We aim to provide industry’s best SEO, PPC and SMM services so that your business gets new clients every single day.

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Our Major Services


SEO or Search Engine Optimization has become an indispensable part of any business campaign so as to gift a site a kind of ranking that it truly deserves. SEO services focus mainly on organic words or ‘keywords’ which help to target a wide base of customers through general website content and advertisements. Our SEO team easily identifies negative keywords and then makes sure that your campaign is miles away from them.


Pay per Click or PPC services also rely heavily on positive keywords. It involves the creation of advertisements for your business that are both – attractive and appealing. Our team believes in creating ads which are so powerful that the customer is left with no other option rather than clicking on that ad. Our experts are popular for making use of the very effective ‘pull marketing strategy’ so as to gift an exponential increase to your customer base.


Social media has completely changed the way marketing of products and services was done. We, at Get Me Rank, believe that without a fan page of your business on popular social networks, one cannot compete in the market. We have always welcomed evolution and social media marketing is the epitome of evolution in today’s digital age. Our team manages social network pages for your business on your behalf so as to rake in more customers for you.

Web Development

Getting a business website is a must today so that you don’t get left behind in the competition. Our team believes that investing in a website can promise high ROI in the least time frame possible. Websites that are created by our team are extremely attractive which ultimately help more and more people from all around the globe to know about your services. Our web development services can promise you new clients and more revenue on the go.

Expert Online Marketing Services in Ottawa

We, at WebLift, have been providing expert online business management services for our clients since a long time. Our services are attractive and equally affordable as well.

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