7 Smart Tricks to Secure Your WordPress Website

7 Smart Tricks to Secure Your WordPress Website Being an open source platform, your website may be prone to cyber attacks. But, you can’t blame the WordPress as you can prevent your site by ensuring your site is equipped with all the necessary security features. First of all, you should know if you neglect the security of your site, you may face problems like:

  • Damage business reputation
  • Data at risk
  • Malware distribution
  • Loss of revenue

Because, empowering the numerous websites the WordPress has become the target of hackers. Almost there is no website secure until the user attempt to prevent it from the hacker. Here are some easy and simple tricks ensue to keep your website run flawlessly without getting any damage.

  • Take Backups Regularly

    Your website contains the critical and sensitive information of your business. Whether you have secured it or not, make sure to take its backup regularly. It is the first step towards your defense. To make it easier, you can set the backup for regularly or weekly basis of updating your website.

  • User 2-Factor Authentication

    The complicated and strong password may be a risk as the smart hackers can get it easily. You can use the 2-factor authentication for login and avoid the ‘admin’ for the username. The most frequent will be most likely to be hacked. Make a combination of a unique username and strong password to secure your website.

  • Hide Admin Panel

    If you hide the back panel or backend URL, hackers can’t break in. Even, you can prevent the most forceful cyber attacks using this trick. For this, you need to create a customized login URL. It enables you to hide the WordPress version number to stay protected against mass hacker attacks.

  • Limit Login Attempts

    Obviously, a common user will enter the right credentials for maximum three to four attempts. you can limit the login attempts to eliminate the possibility of guessing your password by the hackers. When you fix the limit for failed attempts, you may able to secure your website.

  • Use Of HTTPS

    Use of security plugin not only prevents from security issues but also helps in improving the performance of your website. The plugins monitor the suspicious activities on your site and prevent by locking the vulnerable areas.

  • Update Your Website

    Do you get any notification for the new updates in your WordPress websites? If yes, you should not irritate from this, rather than making sure to update your site. For your convenience, you can set the updates as manual or automatic. Remember, setting automatic updates may seem easy, but this can deliver the compatibility issues. Therefore, one is advisable to select updating your WordPress website manually.

    The conclusion is, securing your website may be is one of the bigger responsibilities you take in your online business. This should be done by the professionals having the utmost technical knowledge.

At Weblift, we understand your worries of managing your online business website security. Being a renowned WordPress development company, you can rest assured on us to keep your website safe and secure.

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